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Finally yesterday It was the day of the OG:CR reveal! The OG:Crystals are finally growing and glowing. We have selected some OG:Crystals from Twitter at the hashtag #ThisIsMyOGCrystal and we have dedicated a gallery to those 3D generative art NFT works at the bottom of this page. 
This shown here above is an unique OG:Crystal, a rare one, grown thanks the 89 Seconds Atomized effect. A very special one.

If you have missed the OG:CR live video streaming reveal with the OG:CR artists Michael Joo and Danil Krivoruchko and also co-founder Andy Alekhin, you can watch a recording of the live video on YouTube.
SNARK.ART'S EVENTS AND SHOWS co-founder Misha Libman will be speaking at #NFTBZL on Nov. 30th, an event organized by Mana Tech Miami and sponsored by Algorand, OneOf, Nifty Gateway, Aexlab, Grit Daily, OnChain Studios.

Misha will be speaking alongside Miami's Mayor Francis Suarez, Tim Draper, 3LAU, Krista Kim & many more.

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  • Visa is launching a program to support digital creators, the big finance giant is all in NFTs with its digital art program.
  • Can blockchain be implemented to protect intellectual rights? Let’s find out.
  • Two of the most talked about technologies, Machine Learning and Blockchain, uniting forces.
  • Beware, malicious NFTs are being minted to steal your cryptos!
  • Bitcoin and black power.
  • Austrian museum putting nudes on OnlyFans because open minded meanwhile an Italian museum is opening its doors to welcome and support afghani artists and curators. 

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Before you go, we invite you to enjoy the OG:Crystals selected from Twitter at the hashtag #ThisIsMyOGCrystal.

Do you own an OG:Crystal NFT? Share it on Twitter with the hashtag and get a chance to be featured in our newsletters. 
OG:Crystal collected by Ali76832462
OG:Crystal collected by @CryptJ3yk
OG:Crystal collected by @0xRichieRich
OG:Crystal collected by @jedillkid
This is an OG:Crystal collected by @0xIAXIA
The OG:Crystals are growing and glowing on OpenSea
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