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SNARK.ART, January 21, 2022
Welcome to Snark. art’s curated art and NFT news-digest. In this editorial you will find the latest updates about the world of art and NFT and also insights about our latest projects, events, drops and artists on boarding.

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We are happy to inform you that new works by artists Michael Jantzen and Nae Zerka are now available on
Dark Energy, 2021 | Michael Jantzen

Please, visit to discover more about the new works.
THE MIRROR, 2022 | Nae Zerka

Please, visit to discover more about the new works.

Brand new website by Accuraten for the project Inverso Mundus by AES+F.

Visit the website for the project NFT release
Meanwhile, in the world of OG: CR the team and the community are operative. What’s happening?

The Steering Committee was chosen and they started to work on community related issues.
AR release is coming soon. Sneak peaks were shared on Twitter.
AR assets are still private but the community has the chance to decide whether it should be publicly available or just kept private for the Crystal owners.

The metaverse is on fire! Everyone is talking about NFT! We selected for you those news that can not be missed.

  • Web3, NFTs and DAOs, and climate action? Is that possible?
  • A brief history of Metaverse and metaverse 2022 trends and the year 2021 in Ethereum.
  • A Chinese university is opening in the metaverse?
  • What does it actually mean when we say art transports us? Web3, a new territory?

Enjoy Web3 and digital art with us!

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This is our curated gallery of OG: Crystals collected and grown by the OG: CR community of NFT collectors. The OG: Crystals were selected from the ones shared on Twitter with this hashtag, #ThisIsMyOGCrystal.
The OG: Crystals are growing and glowing on OpenSea

Do you own an OG: Crystal NFT? Share it on Twitter with the hashtag #ThisIsMyOGCrystal !!!
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