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We welcome on Snark. art a new selection of curated artists. You can now collect NFTs by Alexander Povzner, Boris Orlov, Alexander Kutovoy, Layer ll, Oscar Oiwa on the snark. art platform.

Finally the dates are out! The OG:CR NFT collection will be live between the dates of the 7th and the 12th of October. More news will be available on the project official Discord and Twitter

Organic Growth: Crystal Reef is a new, large-scale art project co-created by Michael Joo and Danil Krivoruchko. It uses NFT and blockchain technology, as well as the identity and decisions of its community of collectors, to shape the work itself.

Also, Michael Joo, co-creator of the OG: CR NFT project, was interviewed for our Medium channel. This is an in depth text about the research and concept on which the OG: CR is growing from. Read more.
One of our artists, Olga Feshina, gave an interview for a Russian website! We thank Olga for mentioning us in the last paragraph. (Text is in Russian).

Volkmar Klien has an upcoming solo show opening next week at the Belvedere in Vienna.

89 Second Atomized at Deep Fakes: Art and Its Double
89 seconds Atomized, is a re-invention of acclaimed video artwork by Eve Sussman | Rufus Corporation and

The OG new media art #NFT piece on blockchain is now on show at the EPFL Pavilions as part of the show Deep Fakes: Art and Its Double.

You can find out more about this exhibit on the show website at this link, and read about the show in this article on e-flux.

Our executive director Nadia Taiga is in Venice.
Rise from the ashes: A special collaboration with La Biennale di Venezia and UNESCO.

Nadia Taiga, executive director of Snark. art had a keynote about our projects 89 Seconds Atomized and Organic Growth: Crystal Reef. She focused on the importance of the community in the NFT field and about the future trends in art and blockchain collaboration.
Nadia Taiga (ED, Snark. art) with Ayten Vasconi (Art Curator)
Nadia Taiga (ED, Snark. art) with Alexandra Luzan (PR, Snark. art)
From left to right: Maurizio Rossi (Co-Founder of H-FARM, president of H for Human foundatikn, Member of Futur. io, board of Science Gallery Venice), Krista Kim (Artist), Nadia Taiga (ED, Snark. art).

  • David Cronenberg debuts in NFT with a video art piece about death, his own death, kind of creepy but totally worth it.
  • A show in London will present NFT works as holograms, pretty cool.
  • Are DAOs some sort of utopia? Let’s find out.
  • NFTs ready to conquer Art Basel, the famous art fair.
  • NFTs and museums, memes and creativity.
  • Was the first artwork ever made by kids?

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Also, this week is Art Basel week! The famous art fair reopens its doors! This is a guide to discover it!
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