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The free online crypto game asking viewers to sign a binding “moral contract”

Digital art collective Keiken are well known for test driving possible futures through their cutting edge practice. At November’s Nicer Tuesdays, the studio’s co-founders Hana Omori and Isabel Ramos stepped up to the podium to tell us a bit about the phygital work, introducing us to Keiken’s creative ethos and the technicalities that go into creating new virtual worlds. Taking the audience on explorations of the metaverse along the way (future iterations of the internet connected by virtual realities) Keiken then introduced us to new game Wisdoms of Love 3.0, a game that started off as a five-channel installation and has since evolved to become an immersive game where users dive into the metaverse and are encouraged to collect free wisdom tokens in a kind of binding “moral contract”.

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