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Looking at Web3 Through a Cultural Lens

Web3, a new paradigm for the web that is fueled by crypto and decentralization, has caught the imagination of the tech community. Whether you like it or not, it’s taking off like Web 2.0 did back in 2004-05. I was at the forefront of covering Web 2.0 back then, with my blog ReadWriteWeb. For Web3, it’s a new generation of tech bloggers (actually more like YouTubers, Twitter influencers, Discord rabble-rousers, etc.) who are leading the charge. My role this time round is to be an observer as a tech journalist. I’m not “all-in” on Web3, like I essentially was with Web 2.0. A big reason for that is that Web3 is hugely divisive amongst the web developer community, which makes it different from Web 2.0. It also makes for great stories, as I can talk to experts from both sides to get at the true story of Web3.

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