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Master Forger Wolfgang Beltracchi Shows Off His Skills (and Pointed Humor) With a New NFT Collection

The notorious art forger Wolfgang Beltracchi is releasing an NFT art collection. Fittingly, the artist—infamous for his uncanny ability to mimic the work of others—is making 4,608 versions of Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi, in a variety of different artistic styles. The series, titled “The Greats,” begins with the High Renaissance, with the work of Da Vinci, before moving to Vincent van Gogh and Post-Impressionism, Salvator Dalí and Surrealism; Pablo Picasso and Cubism; Roy Lichtenstein and Pop Art; and Andy Warhol and “Factory Art.” The final set represents the “Beltracchi Era,” with the forger finally forging, so to speak, his own artistic style.
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