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What the Hell Is 'Right-Clicker Mentality'?

Every new subculture eventually develops its own language, and the people buying and selling NFTs are no different. The blockchain scene is full of crypto-heads spouting phrases like WAGMI (we are going to make it), cope, and GM (good morning). Sometimes a subculture will produce a new phrase or buzzword so beautiful it gets adopted by the wider culture. So it is with “right-clicker mentality.” An NFT-bro using the phrase “right-clicker mentality” went viral on October 26 on Twitter while talking about Salt Bae. If you aren’t familiar, Salt Bae is a Turkish chef named Nusret Gökçe who went viral in 2017 for the way he sprinkles salt on meals. His restaurants boomed on the back of his internet success and now he charges tens of thousands of dollars for gold-encrusted steaks at his London location.

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