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Are NFT Platforms the New Gatekeepers

During last week’s talk, Series 3 of ValueArt, we posed a deliberately provocative question: ‘’Are NFT Platforms the new gatekeepers?’’ To find an answer, we gathered a panel of platform representatives, as well as artists, and explored the idea of gatekeeping, curation and the role of platforms in showcasing and selling NFTs. Are platforms accountable for certain responsibilities to artists and collectors, or are they merely a marketplace facilitator? The panel included Michail, founder at Zora, an NFT marketplace protocol; Marjan Moghaddam, a renowned digital artist and animator; Abigail, art historian and programme coordinator at Institute, a preeminent art world-led NFT platform; Vitomir from All.Art, an NFT infrastructure on Solana, and finally Olive Allen, a New York based digital artist.

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