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LaTurbo Avedon Is Way Ahead of the Metaverse | WIRED

LATURBO AVEDON WAITS for me in the center of Orbital, a cavernous, near-empty trance nightclub. Pulsing lights brighten their platinum hair as they groove alone under a floating, purple orb on the vast dance floor. Our meeting is in Second Life, so finding this space-themed disco involves nothing more than clacking away at a laptop keyboard. Yet I’m late. A novice, I’m still figuring out how to maneuver in this sprawling virtual space; Avedon stands politely as my avatar walks around them in zombified herky-jerk circles. Unlike me, Avedon’s an old pro at Second Life carousing. They look at home here. For more than a decade, they’ve been working as an artist exclusively on the internet, as an avatar. Virtual worlds are their permanent haunts.

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