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Colborn Bell, Founder of the First Museum of Crypto Art, Isn't Worried About Wooing the Traditional Art World: A Q&A | Artnet News

Enter the Museum of Crypto Art (M○C△) right now and you will find a show of about 50 artworks by many of the big names of the NFT space, drawn from its permanent collection: Frenetik Void’s Superyó, a surrealist image of a giant head; Dmitri Cherniak’s Wreck a Man, his pastel abstraction evoking the art of in-demand mystical painter Loie Hollowell; Trevor Jones’s Cubist Satoshi, an animation in which the facets of a Cubist painting reassemble themselves into the face of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto; and, of course—the pièce de résistance—CryptoPunk #6926, a blocky, 16-bit image of a smoking punk in a hoodie.

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