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'Crypto College' Instructor Has Raked in More Than $388K for Week-Long NFT Class

So you want to get into NFTs, but don't know where to start? Greg Isenberg, a serial entrepreneur and crypto enthusiast, may have what you’re looking for—and he's not afraid to use a little FOMO to sell it.
Next week, Isenberg opens the virtual doors to Crypto College, an online course dedicated to teaching the ins and outs of NFTs, DAOs, and tokenized communities. You only get access to the course by buying a unique NFT from him, and the price of the NFT increases as more seats are sold, to cover the costs of minting. The first 29 enrollees paid 0.15 ETH; enrollees 30 to 50 paid 0.3 ETH, enrollees 51 to 100 paid 0.6 ETH, and so on. The final tier of enrollees will have to pay 1.5 ETH a seat, or roughly $7,099.08.

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