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Technology Is an Extension of Our Bodies’: Why David Cronenberg Made Video Art About His Own Death as His First NFT

The film director David Cronenberg has extended his own relationship with the cyber realm with the release of his first NFT, titled The Death of David Cronenberg. The digital art-collecting platform SuperRare put the single-edition work up for sale yesterday, expecting it to achieve at least $100,000. But, a representative added, “there is really no telling, as it could end up selling for $500,000 or $5 million.” Like his films, the new minute-long video encapsulates enigma and suspense within the body, in this case in the 78-year-old filmmaker’s very own. Donning a gray robe, Cronenberg faces his own dead self lying on a bed in a sterile attic. Baffled, he pauses for a second before crawling next to his demised reflection.
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