Nadia Taiga,'s platform director, first met Misha Milovanovich during a studio visit in London years ago. They agreed to meet for an hour but spent half the day talking about our immigration stories (Misha in England, Nadia in US) and of course Misha's art that was all around them. She had an impression that every object in the studio Misha transformed into an art piece, inviting her into her world: vibrant, dynamic, lighthearted yet deep and caring.

Take your own glimpse into Milovanovich's studio in this short video where she talks about her practice and inspiration behind it:

Misha Milovanovich’s main subject matter is emotion, so naturally, her work is highly personal and biographical in ways that create a direct, emotional response from the viewer. Empathy and the universals of human experience - passion, nostalgia, desire are inescapable in her work.

In this Sisters Series Misha Milovanovich celebrates her own personal history growing up in Serbia surrounded by women. It spotlights both physical and spiritual female nature and echoes intimacy and closeness. The fusion of amorphic modernist-inspired shapes celebrates these archetypes and pays homage to the eternal feminine in all of us.

The Sisters prints titled CAKOMICABOSA, and LJIKA are available for $300.

In 2016 Milovanovich started to work with ceramics. At first she started turning ceramic slab into a three-dimensional object to paint on. It quickly became a sculpture and painting at once. Practicing a craft with an ambiguous reference to purpose and function gave Milovanovich occasion to face absurdity. In this body of work “ALL MY FRIENDS”, there are pieces named after the heroes of Western philosophy - Plato, Sartre and Picasso that share a friendly and joyous demeanor (Sartre looks like a penguin splattered by De Kooning - Plato a vase wearing the expression of a startled cat).

Here we present Misha Milovanovich's De Kooning available for $2500.

Misha Milovanovich, Happy, Print // $225

Misha Milovanovich, I Love You, Sculpture // $850

Milovanovich's work is often a symphonic abstraction. Her colorful, densely layered works are held in a state of tension between order and chaos, rational structure and spontaneity. She combines depth and surface relief, orchestrating bold contrasts of form, texture and space in her pictures.

Misha is herself a ‘displaced’ person, having left Serbia for London in her late teens she still carries within her a ‘stranger’s perspective’ and perceives the world as an outsider, someone ever alert to the non-verbal subtleties of communication.

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