Starting an art collection that contains more than the early works of your children and punctured canvases from flea markets doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

The trick is often to find low-priced artworks from artists who also sell at high prices. They are established enough to be able to set their prices high, yet still have works available at lower prices. To help you with the search, we’re presenting you here four artists who have works for sale at least a third of their highest valued work.

If you’re looking to add a good name to your collection but not ready to go for the most valued, check out our selection here:

Jose Capaz, Ataraxia

Jose Capaz, Ataraxia, $11000

If you’re not ready to put up $11,000 for Jose Capaz’s oil painting Ataraxiaperhaps a drawing of his fits your budget better?

Vulgar Landscape is yours for only $600 and will be a good addition to any collection.


Jose Capaz, Vulgar Landscape

Jose Capaz, Vulgar Landscape, $600

Lyubov Matyunina

Sometimes the price difference is just a matter of size.

Lyubov Matyunina, Window to Armenia

Lyubov Matyunina, Window to Armenia, $4000

Artist Lyubov Matyunina has a large work (130x210cm) available for $4000, Window to Armenia.

If you go for a smaller work, Water Spirit, $350 and 61x46cm is much more manageable, both for wall and wallet.

Lyubov Matyunina, Water Spirit

Lyubov Matyunina, Water Spirit, $350

Alejandro Piñeiro Bello, Fractal Croix, $5000

Another Cuban artist for you, with Bello’s higher priced work, Fractal Croix, valued at $5000.

Watercolours are often lower priced, and this is not an exception. Reencuentros costs $1250 and will give you an opportunity to get a museum-level artist in your home.

Alejandro Piñeiro Bello, Reencuentros, $1250

Kendell Geers

Kendell Geers is the artist with the greatest difference in price with more than $30,000 from high to low.

Kendall Geers, Petals of Blood 627, $33000

One of the reasons for price differences like this is sometimes the number of editions. His highest valued work Petals of Blood (627) on is available for $33000. The work is acrylic on canvas and as such is a single piece.

If you go for a silkscreen print, suddenly you can get a well established name and museum-collected artist at home with After Love (Anarchist) for $1700.

Kendall Geers, After Love (Anarchist), $1700

Acquiring Geers' print would also support a great cause. Working with Human Rights Watch in combating rape and femicide in his home country of South Africa, Kendell Geers requested that all proceeds from the first sold print of 'After Love (Anarchist)' are donated to that cause.

As you can see, there are many ways to get access to high value artists without large investment. We hope you’ve enjoyed the selection, and remember, the key is for you to find something you love and will cherish. Art can be a great investment, and sometimes the greatest investment is in the value you add to your experience of living in your home with a unique artwork.